Grey book cover featuring a large illustration of a man and a woman, with the man sitting on the ground and pulling the woman towards him. They're in a room with lots of flowing transparent fabric. Japanese script runs across the top.
Page example, full bleed illustration of a couple kissing, seen through an opening in a screen door with plants slightly obscuring the view.
Page example, full bleed illustration of a man laying on his stomach on a pile of blankets, caressing a woman's leg, who stands out of the frame of the drawing.

Ayumi Kasai Illustration: The Master and Lover’s Quarrel

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Hardcover, 16 pages, 5 x 8.5 inches.

The artworks of the The Master and Lover’s Quarrel series are now available in this illustrated card collection with a bonus short story!
In 2021, BL (Boys Love) illustration legend Ayumi Kasai published Aphrodisiacs, her first art book in a decade, which was well received not only by her fans but also by BL fans all over the world. This new book contains cards of 38 illustrations from her popular The Master and Lover’s Quarrel series, which was also included in Aphrodisiacs, along with two newly drawn illustrations. The cards can be peeled off for displaying your favorite artworks on walls or sending them as postcards.
What’s more, the beginning of the book features a short story by Yoichi Onoe, “The Sincerity of Privolva.” The story reveals the never-before-seen relationship and life of Master and Shizuho, giving you a peek into their secret life to enjoy together with the illustration cards.

  • This book contains a large amount of sexually explicit material.
  • The short story is available in Japanese only.