Book cover of an anime style figure with mouth open, pierced tongue and blonde hair, grasping a blue crystal.
Open two page book spread. Illustration of an anime style character sitting in front of a bicycle on a cube, tongue out with their hand forming a peace sign, as if posing for a photo. Someone holds a closed can nearby.
Open two page book spread. Illustration of anime style demon-like characters, with pointed tongues and colored eyes, posing in different ways.
Open two page book spread. Illustration of two anime style characters with dirty blonde hair, smiling with slightly bloody faces, showing a bandaged hand.

Bad Boy Illustrations: Anthology Illustration Collection

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Softcover, 168 pages, 9.5 x 6.5 inches.

Recently, dark, disturbing, aggressive, and distorted worldviews that are opposed to bright, cheerful, healthy, and refreshing outlooks are becoming increasingly popular among a wide variety of content creators.
This book is a collection of more than 130 illustrations with newly drawn artworks by 19 artists depicting attractive bad boys who are all the more irresistible for their provocative, belligerent, defiant, melancholy, perverse, and dark characteristics and worldview.