Pink blind box packaging, a orange and white striped cat wears a snug cap with a Kirby design. Below are 5 other options, detailed in next photo. Japanese script is on the box.
5 cap designs being modeled on different cats. Designs include a smiling Kirby, a Kirby with arms up, a yellow star with a small Kirby riding, a Waddle Dee, and a King Dedede style cap.

Cat Cap Blind Box - Kirby Edition

Regular price $ 8.50

Fits heads 11-11.5 inches in circumference.

Collect all 5 of these colorful and adorable soft hats with Kirby characters for your bevy of cats! Great for video game lovers or cat lovers in general.

Random assortment. Sold Separately. Chosen at random.

Please do not use on cats who hate to be touched or if they are very old or injured. For domestic cats only and only for short durations under supervision. Please read the instructions included.