Pink hardcover book featuring a photograph of a smiling elderly Asian woman, wearing a black coat with bright purple and blue florals. A block of yellow features text, "Chinatown Pretty: Fashion and Wisdom from Chinatown's Most Stylish Seniors"
Open book spread featuring a page of text with the header "San Francisco." Next page features a photo of a fruit stand, filled with oranges and some bananas on the wall.
Open book spread featuring text with a header "The Jungs." Photo accompaniment of an elderly Asian couple wearing matching yellow sweatsuits.

Chinatown Pretty: Fashion and Wisdom from Chinatown's Most Stylish Seniors

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Hardcover, 224 pages, 7.25 x 9.25 inches.

 Chinatown Pretty features beautiful portraits and heartwarming stories of trend-setting seniors across six Chinatowns. 

Andria Lo and Valerie Luu have been interviewing and photographing Chinatown's most fashionable elders on their blog and Instagram, Chinatown Pretty, since 2014.

Chinatown Pretty is a signature style worn by pòh pohs (grandmas) and gùng gungs (grandpas) everywhere—but it's also a life philosophy, mixing resourcefulness, creativity, and a knack for finding joy even in difficult circumstances.

Photos span Chinatowns in San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and Vancouver and features a huge variety of fashions and styles!