Zine cover of an illustrated girl with a dragon head wearing a robotic helmet on top of her head.
Sticker with an illustration of a girl wearing a mint helmet, yellow eye coverings pushed up and orange headphones.
Open two page zine spread with full color illustrations. Left is an anime girl in a sailor top and skirt and shaped hair. Right is a red, mega brained demon with deformed hands.

Katsuya Terada x Giant Robot - I Love Coffee Zine 2 + Sticker

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Softcover, 24 pages, Measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches, full color. Includes a 2.8 x 3.7" vinyl sticker (girl with green hat)

Released along with Katsuya Terada's Dragon Girl solo art show at our Giant Robot 2 gallery comes this beautifully printed art zine.

I Love Coffee 2 includes various digital drawings by the artist expressing his love and/or neurotic addiction to the magical beverage. What caffeine junky can't relate to that joy?


No Forward for this edition is provided, however, Terada does include one page that reveals what this zine is about.