Book cover, all white with a thick brown spine coloring. 3 small illustrations of different coffee machines are under the title, which is in impressed copper font.
Open two page book spread, informational sketches show the process of brewing pour over coffee. Informational text accompanies the drawings.

Craft Coffee, a Manual by Jessica Easto

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Hardcover, 272 pages, 6x8x1 inches

"An engaging resource that holds value for home brewers and professionals alike. This is a coffee book well worth poring over."

-Ellie Bradley, editor, Fresh Cup Magazine

Written by a coffee enthusiast for coffee enthusiasts, is a comprehensive guide to improving your brew at home. The book provides all the information readers need to discover what they like in a cup of specialty coffee—and how to replicate the perfect cup day after day. From the science of extraction and brewing techniques to choosing equipment and deciphering coffee bags, Craft Coffee focuses on the issues—cost, time, taste, and accessibility—that home coffee brewers negotiate and shows that no matter where you are in your coffee journey, you can make a great cup at home.