Book cover. "This is a Gift for You" is written at top in cursive. A young girl in a red and white polka dot dress holds a flower in one hand, it's petals blowing in the wind. Background is a bright yellow green color.
Open book spread. One page includes illustration of a father holding the shoulders of his daughter, the next page displays written story.
Open book spread. Both pages feature illustration of a small girl in a large open flower field against a black sky. "A place to dream..." is written on the left page.

Emily Winfield Martin - This is a Gift for You

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Measures 10 x 9.7 inches. 36 pages.

The gift of quiet and the gift of loud, your hand in my hand out in a crowd. 

New York Times bestselling author Emily Winfield Martin joyously and thoughtfully shares the different ways of giving and loving.

Like a beautifully wrapped gift, life's every day moments are precious: in both the little things and the big things, we can all find wonder. From a feather, to a hug, to a sunset, this book captures these gifts within its pages to remind readers how much they are loved, and how incredible this world we share is.

A meaningful gift for any occasion or holiday, and a stand-out for birthdays, graduations and other milestones, with its loving and inspiring message: "But this is a gift, here, just you and me."