Book cover featuring an illustration of an anime style girl standing with her hands stretched out in front of her, with light rays coming out her fingers. She has a bright green eye, the rest of her face obscured by hair and flowers.
Page excerpt, featuring an illustration of a girl with white hair, a black halo and black street clothes sitting on the ground in front of a network of neat white pipes.
Page excerpt, featuring an illustration of a girl, viewed from above. She wears glasses and reaches a hand out to the viewer, as if she is falling.
Page excerpt, featuring an illustration of a girl in a white dress suspended in air, with her fingers poised like she is framing a photo. All around is graphic lines and color accents.
Page excerpt, featuring an illustration of  a girl dressed in futuristic space gear, looking out of a helmet towards the ground with a look of amazement.


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Softcover, 272 pages, 11.6 x 8.3 inches.

Amazing work from the illustrator & animator Yoneyama Mai in one beautiful book!

From working on visual development for the anime film Promare, to production of the end credits for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and more, Yoneyama Mai is active in the world of anime and illustration. This edition features a complete archive of the illustrations that make you feel the flow of emotions and movement that Yoneyama Mai is known for. 
This is the first collection of original works by Yoneyama Mai, who has more than one million followers on Twitter and is getting attention from both animators and creators! Enjoy the vivid colors and delicate details in Yoneyama’s work.