Book cover, an illustrated anime style girl with a red lipstick kiss on her cheek and blue lollipop in mouth stands framed in a white panel with mint border, with title written around similar to a fashion magazine cover.
Open two page book spread. Illustrations of a girl in a baggy sweatshirt, red hat, blue backpack and white face mask. Right page illustration of a girl with two hands in front of face, as if trying to block a bright light.
Open two page book spread. Various brightly colored illustration scenes of anime style girls in street fashion.
Open two page book spread. Left page features illustration of a girl with a long coat, blue shorts and a fluffy bag with 2 foxes and a raccoon at her feet on a bright red backdrop. Right page features a multicolor diamond shape with differently dressed figures in each shape segment.

Fashion Illustration: Outfit of the Day

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Softcover, 192 pages, 9.5 x 6.5 inches.

This is the ultimate art collection book of illustrated Japanese fashion, featuring 40 different up and coming Japanese artists. Such fun usage of color and composition, with all different styles, this book is an endless source of inspiration and creativity. 

Written in Japanese.