Colorful book cover featuring illustrations of 2 wolves and several anime style children, dressed in large robe like clothing. Bright reds, blues and greens color the piece.
Black and white page excerpt, a panel style comic with accompanying text.

Final Testament to the Moon (Vol 1) by Sayaka Mogi

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Softcover, 100 pages, 5.83 x 8.27 inches.

There used to be many werewolves, but now only few remain.. here is detailed the tragic fate of werewolf twins Skoll and Hati in this, the final testament to the moon.

I want to hurry and grow up…
The first volume of Sayaka Mogi’s ongoing series, this book introduces the werewolf twins who play an integral role in the story of the wolfkin tribe. This work both stands alone as an independent story and functions as a continuation of the Kodansha digital series Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice and the overarching world of Humans, Beastkin, and Hunters. Sayaka Mogi continually refines their line with the spinning of this new epic yarn of fantasy / adventure / drama.