Book cover featuring an anime style illustration of a greyscale boy with red flowers coming out of his arms and hat.
Open two page book spread, a detailed anime style illustration of a person wearing a gas mask, with arms crossed in front of them. Large pigs are in the background with a bright orange and blue flower pattern.
Open two page book spread. Left page features anime style illustration of a man sitting in an empty, torn up pagoda room with red lanterns hanging above. Right page is illustration of a sly looking character in a purple robe in front of a series of gray buildings.
Open two page spread of single illustration. 3 human like rabbits stand wearing black t-shirts, with a man on the ground.

Gedoku: The Art of sakiyama

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Softcover, 172 pages, 10.1 x 7.2 inches.

This is the first commercial art book featuring works by sakiyama, a popular illustrator with more than 110,000 followers on Twitter. Ruins, smirking wicked-faced young men, mysterious loners, a riot of wildly scattered flowers and more make up the dark and poisonous worldview that sakiyama is known for, but one that is also wryly humorous. sakiyama’s animated music video production for “Kansaete Kuyashiiwa (so frustrated with my instincts),” a song by ZUTOMAYO, rocketed the artist’s illustrations to international fame. sakiyama is also active across youth culture scenes, especially animated music video production and apparel collaborations.
This book contains over 170 pages of original illustrations, including newly drawn artworks, cartoons, and music video illustrations along with rakugaki sketches posted on Twitter, making this the definitive collection of an illustrator who is at the cutting edge of modern trends.