A small blue sculpted Big Boss Robot figure standing with its arms at its side. It stands in front of a single cardboard box that has illustrations of many Big Boss Robots with "Big Boss Robot" written at the top.
Giant Robot - Big Boss Robot Figures. Colorways include pink, red, orange, yellow, green, baby blue, blue, purple, brown, camo print, white and black.

Giant Robot - Big Boss Robot Figure (Blind Box)

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Measures 3" tall, Random Assortment

The mascot of the Giant Robot magazine and stores finally come to life! Sculpture-quality casted in tactile material with fully rotating arms, legs, and head. Comes in 11 possible vibrant shades and 1 camouflage pattern. Each robot has fully detachable and interchangeable limbs, encouraging customization and sharing with friends!

Each box features a different Big Boss Robot figure!
Order this figure exclusively through Giant Robot!

Order the complete set HERE to receive all 12 variations and the Big Boss Tote Bag to hold them all!