A box of blindboxes held perfectly within a cream colored tote bag that has the top half of a Big Boss Robot on it with "Giant Robot" written in bold black font.
Giant Robot - Big Boss Robot Figure (Complete Set). Colors include: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, baby blue, blue, purple, brown, camo print, white and black.

Giant Robot - Big Boss Robot Figure (Complete Set)

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Each figure measures 3" tall, Contains 12 different Big Boss Robot figures - the Complete Collection, Includes the Big Boss Robot Tote Bag

The mascot of the Giant Robot Magazine and Store finally come to life! Sculpture-quality cast in tactile material with fully rotating arms, legs, and head. Comes in 11 possible vibrant shades and 1 camouflage pattern. Each robot has fully detachable and interchangeable limbs, encouraging customization and sharing with friends!

Each box features a different Big Boss Robot figure!
Order this complete set exclusively through Giant Robot and receive the Big Boss Robot Tote Bag as well!