Giant Robot issue 3. It features a black and white robot illustration from a tin toy box. It's facing left and firing missiles. There is cover text that says Alfredo Alcala, MAK 90, Emilys Sassy Lime, Doughnuts made by Cambodians, Asian Topics in Punk Songs, Hong Kong films, UFC V, Pizzicato, Sebadoh.
The back features an Asian man in a robe surrounded by four Asian women all pointing guns at the man. It says Lounging Like a Giant Robot Spy.
Page that has picture of a person holding an assault rifle. The headline reads Welcome to the Wonderful World of Chinese Guns.
Giant Robot Launch! Page spread, featuring a sumo wrestler in center. There's a right hand page Blurts and has pictures of Hello Kitty, Bruce Lee, and a shaved head woman.
Giant Robot - Issue 3 Zine (Re-print)

Giant Robot - Issue 3 Zine (Re-print)

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Zine measures 8.5 x 11 inches, 70 pages, Black & White.

Giant Robot history reprinted! Before it was a magazine, Giant Robot was a zine. And Issue 3 is back 20 years later! Culture that is still relevant and interesting to this day.  Re-discover it all! Articles on:

  • Alfredo Alcala comic book artist,
  • MAK-90's - Are you safe without one?
  • Emily's Sassy Lime vs Rice! The War.
  • Doughnuts made by Cambodians.
  • Asian Topics in old Punk Songs
  • Hong Kong Films
  • Nails, Youth, Sumo, UFC V, Pizzicato, Blurts, Sebadoh and Tons More!