Giant Robot - Issue #59

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The Wreck Age Issue. Cover by Masakatsu Sashie.

Artist Masakatsu Sashie, Actor Masahiro Motoki and director Yojior Takita from the Academy Award-winning Departures, Actress and ass kicker from Chocolate Jija Yanin, aniel Wu moving bricks in Sichuan, Tokyo Sonata director Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Tokyo! actress Ayako Fujitani, Master of cute bento, Makiko Ogawa, Ex-mafia badass relocated, Kenji Gallo, Seventies smut deconstructed by Anna Biller, Art photographer Gina Osterloh, Anti-war photographer Paul Park, Thao Nguyen interviews The Get Down Stay Down, Abe Vigoda--the band, not the actor, Suki Ewers--from Opal, Mazzy Star, Anemone, and much much more!

Note: Keep in mind we're nearing vintage age, so magazines will not always be in perfect condition, though all the contents will be just as great as you remember.