Giant Robot - Issue #61

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The Ursine Struggle Issue. Cover by Philip Lumbang

Meet the painter behind the "polite bear" vandalism around Los Angeles: Philip Lumbang. Photographer Adam Lau goes to battle with the Sea Shepherds against Japanese whalers. Baby, The Stars Shine Bright co-founder Fumiyo Isobe and chief designer Kumiko Uehara on the eve of opening their first boutique in North America. Yoshihiro Nishimura spills his guts on Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. Indie Cinema from India - Supermen of Malegaon vs. The Prisoner. Mixel Pixel's Kaia Wong goes to Africa to learn the Mbira. Saltwater Coffee - From Taiwan to Irvine. Producer Bill Kong, actress Ayako Fujitani, actor Daniel Wu, the Brookyln band Pains of Being Pure at Heart, poet and filmmaker Sion Sono and writer Sheng Yang are all featured in this issue. And an all-new videogame review section.