Enamel pin of a glass jar with red and green kimchi inside. "Kimchi" is written in red in the middle of the jar.
Gif of kimchi enamel pin, one image is of the pin in light and the other is of the pin glowing in the dark.
Close up of kimchi enamel pin on a blue backing card.
Enamel pin of a glass kimchi jar on a blue card backing.
Enamel pin of glass kimchi jar glowing in the dark.

Giant Robot - Kimchee or Kimchi Enamel Pin

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Kimchee or Kimchi is the national condiment of Korea and of the US. Kimchi goes with everything. That's why we had to make this pin which also glows in the dark. They come in jars often with a white top. See this pin at Giant Robot store in West LA. This jar is 1" tall.