Book cover, an anime style girl with red hair stands in an ocean, with large Japanese script around her.
Open two page book spread of a single illustration, a girl sits in an empty school room with the chairs and desks freely floating around her.
Open two page book spread. Left page features anime style illustration of a man standing and a girl leaning against a blue sports car. Right page features accompanying Japanese text.
Open two page book spread of a single illustration, an anime style girl lays on a hospital bed, a mechanized arm stretched out with a cat sitting on top. Machines are in the background and an obscured doctor sits nearby.

hyka reoenl Artwork: International Edition

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Softcover, 140 pages, 10.1 x 7.2 inches.

Girls living in a decadent, yet beautiful world.... In the past few years, reoenl has been creating illustrations of characters with various worldviews and backgrounds and has been releasing them through social media and doujinshi (self-published fan magazines). The story "hyka," which was serialized on PIE International's official website, has become a universe that contains all of reoenl's creations. This book is made up of two parts: a booklet summarizing his unique worldview centered on "hyka", and a booklet summarizing various commercial works. It is a must-have complete art collection for fans who want to immerse themselves in the unique and all-consuming world that reoenl creates.