Front cover of book, pink with an illustration of a blue cartoon style dog with long ears and clothes. It has a serious look and behind it is its own large purple shadow. Text wraps around the illustrations reading "I'll Get to the Bottom of This!"
Open 2 page book spread featuring full bleed illustrations of a galactic setting meets scientific body drawing. A small lop eared dog with a top hat and a suit navigated DNA helix, cells, planetary rings and blood vessels. Story text accompanies the illustrations.
Open 2 page book spread of a large snowy mountain tunnel with a bright orange crash coming from each side, only visible by splashy orange lighting. Cars head in and out of the tunnel. Story text accompanies the illustrations.
Open 2 page book spread featuring illustration of a somewhat dented green car, with animals visible from each of the windows, with a long plaid blanket coming out the front window. A large snouted animal rests its nose on the hood of the car. Story text accompanies illustrations.

I'll Get to the Bottom of This! by Daniel Kwan (Illustrated by Sean Lewis)

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Hardcover, 76 pages, 12 x 8.75 inches.

One of two new children's books from Everything Everywhere All at Once director Daniel Kwan, I'll Get to the Bottom of This! tells the story of a rhyming dog detective who sets out to discover who's to blame for a multi-car pileup that has drivers trapped in a tunnel.

Illustrated by Sean Lewis, this story of overcoming differences to find a common solution gets the Daniel Kwan treatment: the detective takes his line of questioning so far that he enters a suspect’s body to question her organs, her brain, and her electrons, before being spat out into the universe in order to question the origin of cosmic energy itself.

With a fun and lively rhyming story, and illustrations chock full of Easter eggs, kids and parents alike will love reading I'll Get to the Bottom of This! aloud and exploring its immersive world.