Set of 100 postcards in a bright pink hardcover bound box with pattern bordering it. Text reads "James Jean Memu 2 100 postcards" with a center illustration of a girl with two heads, a collared dress and a long tailed red bird in her hand.
Hardcover box of postcards, open to reveal a grid style pattern within the box of "memu" written over and over. A red thread acts as a way to pull out the postcards.
Stack of splayed out postcard with art and designs by James Jean. Top postcard displays an illustration of a tree with a human body for a trunk and bright orange leaves. 2 children stand nearby and stretch out their arms to the tree.
Backside of a white postcard divided into two sides, one with a sketch style illustration and the other side 4 lines to write a note on.

James Jean - MEMU 2: Hibiscus (113 Postcards)

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Box measures 6.4 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches.

A treasure trove of James Jean's award-winning work, this deluxe silkscreened, cloth-covered box contains 113 collectible postcards of both his iconic paintings and rarely seen sketchbook - released by James Jean.

This is a second printing, featuring a new hibiscus color-way!