Julie Doucet - Elle Humour

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Hardcover, 7.25" x 8.25", 144pp, Full Color

Renowned cartoonist Julie Doucet has created a unique, mass produced artistí«í´s book. Printed on a half dozen different papers in eight colors, this amalgamation of drawing, collage, painting, and narrative is a visionary meditation on love and its discontents. Using cut out, collaged letters and phrases to compose her oblique, poetic text, Doucetí«í´s words are as graphically enticing as her images. The book moves from pointed collages made from 1960s Quebecois magazines to abstract, psychedelic drawings to a moving catalog of her loverí«í´s possessions, and back again. The diversity of images could be the work of multiple artists, but Doucetí«í´s funny, frank sensibility ties it all together. Doucet, long known as the "female R. Crumb," and regarded as the finest female cartoonist of the 20th century, has never before published a book like this: a pure, non-comics distillation of her artistic sensibility. This complete work of art will appeal both to fans of her graphic novelsí«ÌÎÌÓwho will appreciate her sense of humor and vivacious drawingí«ÌÎÌÓand art aficionados who will be moved and surprised by her skills, and bowled over by her unforgettable images.