Book cover, featuring a blonde woman with bangs seen only from the neck up. She is in the center of a large blue eyeball. Title text surrounds the image.
Black and white illustration of two men in military outfits tugging on a wire that fits through a wall cavity, shaped like a human.
Page excerpt, featuring a colored 7 panel series of illustrations of a man walking his dog and yelling in fear.
Page excerpt, featuring 6 panel illustrations of a person walking down a street and running into a group of people circled around something, all looking fearful. Story text accompanies.

Junji Ito - Venus in the Blind Spot

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Hardcover, 272 pages, 8.25 x 5.75 inches.

This striking collection presents the most remarkable short works of Junji Ito’s career, featuring an adaptation of Rampo Edogawa’s classic horror story “Human Chair” and fan favorite “The Enigma of Amigara Fault.” With a deluxe presentation—including special color pages, and showcasing illustrations from his acclaimed long-form manga No Longer Human—each chilling tale invites readers to revel in a world of terror.

Please note: Only a small portion of the book has colored illustrations, most are black and white.