Soft plush sculpture of a timid looking Godzilla figure, with green fur and spikes and a purple belly. Plush has button eyes, white teeth and white claws.
A purple plush King Kong with long fur and small button eyes wrapping its arms around a soft plush green Godzilla with pointy white teeth, small button eyes and white claws.

Kaiju 2022 - Hollie Mengert - "Godzilla ❤️'s King Kong "

Regular price $ 250.00

One of a kind hand sewn soft sculptures using faux fur textiles, felt, and vintage buttons for eyes. 

Artwork measures 12 inches tall.

Note: Second photo is for reference only, this listing is for Godzilla. These pieces are sold separately. To purchase Godzilla's sweet King Kong companion as well, please view the piece here.

From the artist: Because of their hand sewn nature they're not intended for rough play or very young children. Godzilla and King Kong have magnets in each of their hands that allow them to hold hands or hug one another. Their bottoms are weighted with plastic pellets giving them each an extra-huggable heavy feel.

This piece is part of Kaiju 2022: Our 3rd Annual, Mega-Monster Art Exhibition at Giant Robot Store running from October 15th, 2022 - October 31st, 2022. 

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