Book cover featuring anime style illustration of a very messy, cluttered room with clothes, boxes and books scattered around a desk. A girl slouches in her desk chair in front of a computer.
Open two page book spread. Two overhead illustrations of characters with short pink hair in street clothes.
Close up of two page spread. An anime style illustrated room with many papers, clothes and boxes scattered all over it.
Page excerpt, illustration of a somewhat neat bedroom confined to a cube shape, with a person leaning down to put their shoes on.

KIKANETSU: Art Collection of DaisukeRichard Daisuke Richard

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Softcover, Measures 8.75 x 7.25, 160 pages.


Japanese illustrator, Daisuke Richard is a rising star in the social media, art world. This beautiful, full-color artbook features beautifully detailed illustrations of girls and often in busy, messy interiors where one can imagine a million stories. The paper quality and color palette make this more of a meditation to read than a study. The colorful glossy slip cover unfolds to reveal a panoramic illustration and the clever use of foil ink on the protected cover.