K'Zool pencil sharpener, clear with a dial to adjust to 5 different settings of varying sharpness.
Diagram showing 5 different pencils corresponding with 5 settings of the K'Zool sharpener. From blunt to very sharp.

Kutsuwa: K'Zool Adjustable Pencil Sharpener (Clear)

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Adjustable dial to sharpen pencils to a blunt point or a sharp point, 5 settings.

The perfect sharpener for all your pencils, with an application for every need.

Turning the K'Zool's dial changes the angle of the blade to create five discrete sharpness settings, from very blunt and flat (1) to very sharp (5). When you're not using the sharpener, turning the dial to Closed will seal the opening and prevent pencil shavings from falling out.

Made in Japan.