Box of stickers, made to look like a cardboard shipping box holding hazardous materials, with labeling and illustrations on the exterior that mimic the real thing.
Lineup of approximately 40 caution themed flake stickers, all with a slight holographic shine. Stickers include: fragile signs, danger and warning signs.
Open mini cardboard box with small cut bubble wrap and a tiny sticker on top that reads "Are you OK?"

Miniature Shipping Box Flake Sticker Set - Caution Fragile

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Contains approximately 40 stickers, of varying designs within the theme. Box measures approximately 2.25 x 1 x 1.65 inches. Stickers measure around 1 inch tall.

These stickers, made in Japan, are a dream come true for any miniature or stationery lover. With a great variety of designs under the theme, these holographic flake stickers come in their own little packaging box complete with mini bubble wrap and even a mini invoice sticker! A great way to decorate notes, letters, or journal pages and look so, so cute being stored on your desk.