Moonflower picture of a turquoise colored vinyl toy of a moon with a face inside of flower petals, as if it's a plant!
Photo of a hemp tote bag with a print of a line drawing of a moonflower.

Moonflower by Yoskay Yamamoto (Turquoise)

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Cast in soft vinyl with a glossy white finish that evokes the look of porcelain. Comes packaged in a silk-screened natural linen bag. 

Figure measures 6.5 inches wide.

"The design of Moonflower comes from my fascination with the moon and its mystic power,  presence, and my love for the delicate form of flowers.  The first painting of the Moonflower was created in 2018. I enjoy the calm vibes that I can achieve from the image and different color variations that I get to explore. I'm over the moon to be able to share my Moonflower with you and stoked to be teaming up again with Munkyking."
- Yoskay Yamamoto