Book cover, lots of pinks, blues and purples. Illustration of a person on a payphone, with many neon signs behind them. "New Retro Illustration" is written in stylized cursive on top left.
Open two page book spread of illustrations. Left page features brightly colored pink person on a flip phone, perched against a building with lots of Japanese advertisement. Left page is a girl with head in arms, with cigarettes, corded phones and 80's patterns behind her.
Open two page book spread. Various anime style illustrations with many bright colors, depicting 8 different scenes of various people interacting with interior and exterior environments.
Open two page book spread of 80's inspired illustrations, lots of bright colors and patterns. Illustrations include a woman diving into a large cocktail glass, a woman inside of a red convertible on a space beach, and two woman in front of a galactic piece of art.

New Retro Illustrations: Retro Reimagined by a New Generation

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Softcover, 192 pages, 9.5 x 6.5 inches.

“New retro”, a combination of the word “New” and “Retrospective”, is a newly coined phrase meaning “appreciating and enjoying something old while reimagining it into something modern.” This book introduces 40 up-and-coming illustrators working in this “new retro” style. Through the 300 illustrations showcased in this one book, readers can appreciate and enjoy retro culture, items and motifs reimagined and transformed into something new.