Book cover, "Oinshinbo" written in white font on green rectangle above series of black and white panel drawings of a Japanese restaurant serving vegetable hot pots. "Vegetables" is written in middle right.
Page example, black and white manga panel of two characters discussing farming health.

Oishinbo: Japanese Cuisine - Vegetables

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Paperback, 8.25" x 6", 272pp, Black & White

Weekly Time magazine sets up a series of culinary battles between the Tozai News's "Ultimate Menu," represented by Yamaoka, and the Teito Times's "Supreme Menu," represented by Kaibara Y zan, Yamaoka's father and nemesis. The ingredient this time is vegetables, specifically cabbages and turnips. Who will win the Vegetable Showdown? Later, Yamaoka and Kurita help Tomii's son get over his hatred of eggplant and patch a rift between lovers using the power of asparagus.