T-shirt that is color blocked: white on top half and dark purple on bottom half. Over the lapel is a small graphic of Kuromi's smiling face with a camping hat on.
Back view of white t-shirt. A large graphic on the upper back depicts Kuromi sitting and excitedly eating in a nice picnic display near trees and a tent. Cursive text reads "Let's enjoy the outdoors!"

Sanrio - Kuromi "Enjoy the Outdoors" Oversized T-Shirt (White/Purple)

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100% cotton.

A unique color block design of Kuromi enjoying camping in the great outdoors, with a great graphic on the back. Includes a small side pocket which is both fashionable and functional! A very cool addition to any Sanrio lover's closet. Please note this shirt is slightly oversized in style, so be sure to check they sizing chart!

For sizing reference:

Body length: 68.5 cm
Body width: 55.5cm
Sleeve length: 55.5cm

Body length: 71.5cm
Body width: 58.5cm
Sleeve length: 58.5cm

Body length: 74.5cm
Body width: 61.5cm
Sleeve length: 61.5cm