Sculpture of a small oyster in a half shell, with a surprised expression. A photoshopped speech bubble says "Oy!" It is in a bath of fake ice.
Wooden rectangle box with a patterned border, within text reads "ES Chao Oyster Co." in all caps over an illustration of a happy oyster popping out of its shell. "Oyoyster Never Salty" is written below illustration.

Sean Chao - "Oyoyster"

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Polymer clay sculpted into a real shell. Each oyster comes with fake ice, a sticker of authenticity, and a display box!

Artwork measures 3.25 x 2 inches.

Each Oyoyster was hand sculpted with Polymer Clay to fit in a real shell, painted with Acrylic paint, then poured resin to seal the surface to create the fresh juicy look. Each one is unique.

Each Oyoyster comes with a wooden box and a packet of ice (plastic) to keep it fresh.

*Each Oyoyster is hand made so you may not receive the exact piece from the picture. However they are all made with love and care. Each one is precious.

  • Art once purchased is not open for trade
  • There is a No Returns Policy from the moment artwork is purchased.