Smiski, a simplified character with a round head and a stoic expression. It crouches on the ground, with its hands in front of it as if getting ready to walk on all fours. It stands in front of its product packaging.
Peach colored cylindrical display box with an illustration of a small simplified figure sitting and hugging its knees, with a small cat on its head.
6 variations of Smiski: Living Series. Options include: Smiski with cat, Smiski playing flute, Smiski thinking, Smiski holding, Smiski laying and Smiski lifting.

Smiski - Living Series Blind Box

Regular price $ 9.50

Measures about 3 inches tall. 

Smiski are curious little creatures, and they're just livin' their lives! These little mysterious Smiskis are going about their curious daily business.

6 kinds in total + 1 Secret Smiski to look out for!

Smiski come packaged randomly in blind boxes. You won't know which one you will get until you open the box!