Smiski - Living Series Blind Box
Peach colored cylindrical display box with an illustration of a small simplified figure sitting and hugging its knees, with a small cat on its head.
6 variations of Smiski: Living Series. Options include: Smiski with cat, Smiski playing flute, Smiski thinking, Smiski holding, Smiski laying and Smiski lifting.

Smiski - Living Series Blind Box

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Measures about 3 inches tall. 

Smiski are curious little creatures, and they're just livin' their lives! These little mysterious Smiskis are going about their curious daily business.

6 kinds in total + 1 Secret Smiski to look out for!

Smiski come packaged randomly in blind boxes. You won't know which one you will get until you open the box!