Vinyl figure of a small Kewpie angel baby, nude with tiny wings on its back and an apple around its head like a hood hat. It is only visible from behind, where it appears to be climbing up something. It is next to its display box which is yellow and says "Sonny Angel Hippers Harvest Series"
All variations of Sonny Angel Hippers Harvest Series, including carrot, radish, pineapple, apple, pear, strawberry, melon, tomato, grape, cherry, eggplant, mushroom and sprout.
Illustration showing Sonny Angel with flat stomach and adhesive on it, to be stuck to something.

Sonny Angel Mini Figure Blind Box (Harvest Hippers Series)

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Measures about 3 inches tall. 

Sonny Angel may bring his happiness to you - his round little body and precious angel face can't help but bring a smile to yours! He is the modern take on the retro cutie - ready to charm and so collectible. Collect them all. Let Sonny Angel brighten your day! 

With adhesive tape on the flat of the belly, these hippers can be attached to look over a variety of surfaces, laptops, desks, you name it! Cute in the front and in the back.

This is a blind box, chosen at random.