Steven Weissman - Chocolate Cheeks

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Paperback, 7.5" x 7.5", 120pp, Full Color

Hilarious, disgusting, mysterious, and cuter than a puppy playing with a kitten, Chocolate Cheeks is the next great "Yikes" book from Steven Weissman. The Pullapart Boy (a 21st Century Frankenstein's monster for kids), his social circle having dwindled down to his stupid brother (Dead Boy), their dead dog (Elzie Crisler), and a fat kid that nobody likes ("Chubby" Cheeks), attempts to make some new friends. Meanwhile, across town, the Little Tin-Stars (Cow-Boy and Cow-Girl) are in a desperate fight against the forces of nature, hostile natives, a river monster, their own horse and a man called Chocolate Cheeks. Juxtaposing gag-driven, newspaper-fashioned strips (employed to great effect in 2006's Chewing Gum In Church) with the sprawling, Western comic approach of his legendary "Look Out For Big Della" (from 2002's White Flower Day), Chocolate Cheeks is Weissman at his best: stunning, memorable, poignant, hilarious, and just gross enough to delight the children.