Book cover for The Art of yoco, mainly white with a framed illustration of a man sitting on the edge of a bathtub with his clothes on, smoking a cigarette.
Full spread 2 page illustration of an interior scene with deep browns and soft yellow lighting coming in from the side window. A mirror shows the reflection of a man, who looks off to the side.
2 page spread of 2 illustrations, 1 on each page. A man in a tuxedo stands in front of a doorway. He raises one of his gloved hands to his mouth and bites it. The other is a man in a suit, holding a notepad and extending out his arm for a bird to land on it.
2 page spread of 2 illustrations, 1 on each page. Both depict 2 men kissing one another, the first scene is on a balcony seen through the apartment. And the other is outside and a lantern festival, against an iron fence.

The Art of yoco: For Eternity and a Second

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Softcover, 152 pages, 8.25 x 5.75 inches.

yoco is an illustrator who is active mainly in the BL (boys’ love) genre and who is particularly known for her exquisite, painterly illustration style. Her dramatic compositions evoke pure scenes of longing, while also fulfilling a slightly voyeuristic desire to take a peek inside a beautiful, ephemeral world of pure and delicate boys and young men, rendered in pale colors and fine lines, but also with a hint of melancholy and shadow. The Art of yoco For Eternity and a Second is the long-awaited first collection of the artist’s illustrations and paintings that have appeared in many BL novels, along with newly drawn illustrations.