Book Cover, an illustration of a pink hair girl in sweatshirt and skirt, with her head in her knees and arms wrapped around them. Various lines and patterns explode from her ponytail.
Open two page book spread. Left illustration is of a messy teenage girl's room contained within a glass jar. Right illustration is of a teenager inside of a booth, leaning out with food on the plank in front of them.
Open two page book spread of illustrations. Left illustration is of a girl with long pink pig tails, facing away and falling from the sky with red lanterns around her. Right illustration of a girl with long blue pigtails facing away and falling from the sky. Both are wearing street clothing.
Open two page book spread. 3 illustrated figures in baggy street wear walk, faced away from the viewer all with matching headphone wires.

Ushimitsudoki Midnight: Art Collection of DaisukeRichard Daisuke Richard

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Softcover, 160 pages, 9.5 x 6.5 inches.

DaisukeRichard’s first comic art collection book KIKANETSU (9784756251046) went viral not just in Japan but also internationally giving him a huge attention in the industry and leading him to do many new commercial works in collaboration with big companies and artists (e.g. book covers, album covers, character design for Netflix anime, a collaboration with Red Bull, solo exhibitions and many more). The title of this new book “USHIMITSUDOKI”, meaning “in the dead of night” or “witching hour”, was chosen because the many melancholic girls illustrated in this book were given wings and horns to make them look like Yokai spirits, adding a creepy feel to each of the illustrations (as in the cover art). Collecting over 140 illustrations, including original illustrations and commercial works, this book is the world’s most anticipated book in the anime/manga illustration scene.

Written in Japanese.