Book cover of a uniquely illustrated Alice in Wonderland scene. Alice balances on a branch with a lots of flowers, plants, flowing ribbons and strings. "Wonderland" is written in a whimsical, stylized font in the center.
Open two page book spread. Highly colored illustrations of whimsical, ornately dressed woman with lots of colorful flowers and birds around them.
Open two page book spread of a 1940's inspired illustration spread, a woman smiling at a surprised, off put red devil figure. "Movie Special Issue: Heaven & Hell's Romance" is written along the center, with Japanese text under.
Open two page book spread of a brightly colored stylized illustration of a pink haired woman looking frightened, with many colors and shaped in background behind her.
Open two page book spread. Two illustrated women with bright green hair, one with stylish sunglasses, looking off to the side, the other looking down and behind while wearing an ornately colored bodysuit.

Wonderland: The Art of Nanaco Yashiro

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Softcover, 168 pages, 7.5 x 8.7 inches.

Nanaco Yashiro’s illustrations feature various motifs such as a woman in a feathered robe from Japanese mythology, a large tiger reminiscent of Arabia, a man in a spacesuit, and concept art for an imaginary movie about heaven and hell that the illustrator created herself and are each drawn sometimes in delicately refined watercolor brushwork and at other times in bold strokes with acrylic gouache. While the themes and motifs may vary, all of them depict Nanaco Yashiro’s signature style which is sure to continue fascinating her audience forever. This book contains nearly 120 carefully selected illustrations, including many that have been newly drawn for this book, which are grouped in different themes, such as plants, animals, beautiful women, and fairytales, allowing readers to enjoy the lovely and mysterious world of Yashiro’s works. This book will not only appeal to Nanaco Yashiro's current fans but will also captivate those who are new to her beautiful, delicate, and colorful illustrations.