Black and white booklet featuring a pencil illustration of a stylized closed eyes face, half submerged into a body of rippling water that takes up the rest of the cover page. In front of the booklet is a black and white sticker with a similar motif, except this character's eyes are open and it has a house on its head.
Open spread of black and white zine, featuring a profile view illustration of a boy with fluffy galaxy patterned hair, blowing a bubble with a butterfly landed on it. The next page featuring a similar style illustration of a girl with longer galaxy patterned hair looking solemnly, with a full moon and a stemmed rose atop her head.
Open spread of black and white pencil drawing zine, featuring an illustration of a girl with long galaxy patterned hair, looking up at a polka dot crescent moon with a bird atop it. The next page has an illustration of a boy with large pompadour style star patterned hair, half submerged in water with a large steam boat atop his head.

Yoskay Yamamoto - "Mono" Zine (with Sticker)

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Measures 8.5 x 5.5 inches. 36 pages of black and white drawings.

Yoskay Yamamoto's work exists simplistically and beautifully in black and white. This zine contains a multitude of his most recent pencil and ink drawings, each containing a world of whimsy and warmth.