Illustration, mostly blue and purple, of a large moon with a simplistic closed eye expression. Its long, skinny arms hold a steaming mug up to its mouth. In the sky is a purple daisy flower hangs, with a thin ring around it like Saturn. Ground is flat with a mountain range and tall clouds, windblown trees and a tiny house.
Side angle of "Cozy Up" showing a metallic silver detailing along the bottom of the image area, a pattern of dots. Painted pink petals fall from the flower moon.

Yoskay Yamamoto - "Cozy Up" Art Print (8 x 8)

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Art print, edition of 40. Piece is unframed.

Artwork measures 8 x 8 inches.

Each print features silver detailing along the bottom and a subtle sparkly appearance throughout the print surface. 

This piece is part of the solo exhibition Cry Cry Shine Shine by Yoskay Yamamoto at GR2 Gallery which runs from November 11th - November 28th, 2023. 

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