Asian Americana podcast episode 001 - Giant Robot!

Giant Robot started as this small punk-rock zine featuring Asian and Asian American alternative and pop culture, but grew to become a celebrated art and cultural institution. How did Giant Robot survive? How have its founders maintained their passion and lifestyle throughout all their life changes and challenges?

Here's the link

Also on another note: while time goes on and Giant Robot Magazine gets further in the rear view mirror, once in a while there's interest in it. It's unlike Gidra which gets a lot of acclaim perhaps because it was fighting "the man" and was about political change whereas Giant Robot was more about popular culture which changes much more rapidly than politics. That said, I want to thank Quincy Surasmith for the interview and featuring Giant Robot Magazine and Shops on a podcast. Should we get more acclaim than we get at this point? I think so, but it's not for us to ask or demand.