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Giant Robot at Designer Con Day 2 - Tons of Creators and Artist Friends

I see Jerome Lu a few times a year and he's a fan of all sorts. I tried to mimic his face and it took some effort. He has pointy eyebrows and a new born child waiting for him at home. I found out he drove back right after DesignerCon ended to make it home.  Although I saw many more than the folks I photographed in the two days, I saw that so many more showed up and I didn't see them. I wish I did.  Jacky Jiang will have a solo exhibition at GR2 in february. This dude is talented. He's autokite on Instagram.   Hellen Jo stopped by. She's the best. See her at GR2 soon, but also maybe...

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Sawtelle and Giant Robot in The Japan Times - Sawtelle Japantown: A return to one’s roots?

The Japan Times did some coverage of the Sawtelle area and its changing times - and if you're paying attention, Sawtelle is plowing ahead into an unknown future. Where did all of the people my age go? I remember many who lived in the area but they're mostly gone. I have to thank Manami Okazaki for telling one story of the area. I've read articles like this before, so I was reading through and enjoying everyone's mini stories, and then I got to some excerpts that were tough to read:   Nikkei locals who are struggling to preserve Sawtelle Japantown’s cultural identity look to one of the community’s better-known figures: Eric Nakamura, owner of pop culture store Giant Robot. Indeed, Toshiyuki...

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