My Life as a Candidate Part 5 - The Forum

II have no photos to show how the event went, however these older images from the Venice 2012 Forum look interesting and engaging. Thanks to moderator Ivan Spiegel. However, the WLASNC one was nothing like this. Read on! 

Tuesday was the Neighborhood Council Candidate Forum. Imagine a room with perhaps 80 seats. Imagine 10 people in those seats and 10 candidates facing them. This is the lack of community involvement we’re faced with. The word trickles out. It gets broadcast on Twitter (250 followers), Facebook (2000 likes), and the Council’s own site. You’d think a Neighborhood Council would have active social media since that’s the fastest way to engage or connect, but it’s at it’s infancy. Only a few people mark they’re coming.

It’s one of those times where you hope for the best and get pretty much the least. 

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