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GR2: Sawtelle Six Meet Up - The Last One

That's Sgt. Fogel from West LA PD. From watching Law and Order, being a Sergeant is a huge deal. Imagine, the main guy in the office is the Sergeant. On the later episodes of SVU, it was Liv Benson. Sgt. Fogel was super nice and liked the Mike Lee work. That's Ron Migdal, myself, Naomi Kageyama, and Jian Kerendian. New faces there is Tommy Nakanishi and the Shogun of the North, that's Sebastian Mathews who owns Touch Vinyl and Cinefile.  Whoa Luke Chueh Superstar.  That's Randy Sakamoto, Jenn Kitahara and Cassia Lupo! Randy Sakamoto and Craig Ishii (Kizuna) Jian and Naomi More Photo of the Sawtelle Six Meet Up at our flickr set. 

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My Life as a Candidate Part 5 - The Forum

II have no photos to show how the event went, however these older images from the Venice 2012 Forum look interesting and engaging. Thanks to moderator Ivan Spiegel. However, the WLASNC one was nothing like this. Read on!  Tuesday was the Neighborhood Council Candidate Forum. Imagine a room with perhaps 80 seats. Imagine 10 people in those seats and 10 candidates facing them. This is the lack of community involvement we’re faced with. The word trickles out. It gets broadcast on Twitter (250 followers), Facebook (2000 likes), and the Council’s own site. You’d think a Neighborhood Council would have active social media since that’s the fastest way to engage or connect, but it’s at it’s infancy. Only a few people mark...

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The Tracks by My House - A Story about Growing Up at the Metro Tracks

I grew up one block from the just christened Metro Expo line train in West Los Angeles. It was from the days of my earliest memories until we moved away in 1984. Exposition Blvd was a short walk northbound, on my BMX bike perhaps 30 seconds or less, and the sets of tracks were just another 5 or 10 seconds. As a child I remember hearing the train horn blare at 6:30am on most weekdays unless I slept through it. The high pitched sound was the signal of a new day and hopefully a great one for the neighborhood.  The freight cars were the dirty brick red type that had a layer of dirt, dust, and grime from traveling across...

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