GR2: Gathering Whispers Edwin Ushiro Reception Images


It’s near impossible to capture the love, friendship, and togetherness of Edwin Ushiro’s solo exhibition, Gathering Whispers in a short review like this. The images on the walls tell stories of situations that he’s dreamed and witnessed. Some are nostalgic, and others are symbolic. Yet, they capture a feeling of living in a place that’s lush and living as compared to Southern California. The energy of Ushiro’s work are vibrant. They capture each emotions. The reception was more of the same. Ushiro’s family got together from Hawaii, East Bay California, and from Southern Califronia. Friends from everywhere came out and unlike many exhibitions, many didn’t want to leave. Ushiro is a magnetic person. He’s sweet, funny, and insanely talented. Exhibitions aren’t always yelling for attention. Some travel slightly under the radar, filling people will contemplation.

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