GR 20 Years: Reprinting Giant Robot Issue 1 and 2

LA Zine Fest is around the corner, it’s next sunday and by then, I’ll have reprinted Giant Robot 1 and 2 with a separate short intro that tells you just a bit about those issues. Making copies isn’t the same as it was in 1994, you no longer have to photocopy a page and reload the machine to copy on the backside and do this until you’re done. It’s true that some machines did it all automatically, but if you’re pasting pages together, then they often get jammed. Now, you can print it digitally. Actually, someone else can print it digitally for you. That said, these two issues are a distant memory. I wish I were more nostalgic. Yet, it’s nice to see them again. It’s also a great honor to know that somehow I’ve withstood 20 years of time after the first issue of Giant Robot.