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Dehara Yukinori - Workshop Photos

Amazing, amazing and amazing. 11 people enjoyed father's day and remixed and dismantled SOFVI figures and painted them! Dehara is a natural teacher and creates a positive atmosphere. It's fun to know that a person can come from abroad and reach people in this way. Thanks much for coming and join us next year. 

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Yukinori Dehara Sofvi Dismantling Exhibition June 16-July 11, 2018

Yukinori Dehara SOFVI DismantlingJune 16 - July 11 Solo ExhibitionReception Sat JUNE 16th 6:30-10pmWorkshop Sun JUNE 17th 3-4:30pm GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025  Dehara is back with a new concept that goes beyond Sofubi (vinyl figures). What is that? It's the breakdown. it's the building blocks. Dehara is now the statesman of figures. With this exhibition, he's examining the deconstruction of figures.Dehara's created and is part of the current and history of sofubi. His work has gone beyond sofubi into art. He sculpt individual pieces and displays them like figures, however they're fine art. Meanwhile, he still creates new sofubi figures. He will be in attendance. 

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Secret Psychic Friend Spotlight - Solo Exhibition by THeo Ellsworth

May 26th - June 13th Theo Ellsworth Solo Exhibition GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90025  Secret Psychic Friend Spotlight is a collection of over 80 originalwood cutout drawings of Medicine Monsters, Multi-dimensional Welcome Wagons, Haunted Architectural Spirits, and Mutant children who have vowed to use their powers for good.  Get here and see the exhibition! See photos from the previous exhibition. LINK

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