Preview of The Future Crew (E3! Edition)/LA Game Space benefit w/ Daedulus, Starry Kitchen, Attract Mode, and other homies


I would go to this anyway. Daedulus seems to perform more often in Europe and Asia than in his hometown of L.A. (DJ sets or otherwise) and Starry Kitchen’s tofu balls are always welcome in my mouth (usually on Friday afternoons in banh mi form). But even better, Monday night’s event at The Well (which also features contributions from Doseone, Daniel Rehn, The Future Crew…) is a fundraiser with proceeds going toward LA Game Space, our city’s very own experimental, open source, and very cool epicenter of video games supporting innovation, education, and exhibitions.

Sounds rad, right? On top of that, Devolver Digital will have four playable games projected as well as on HDTVs.  Attract Mode co-founder/LA Game Space director Adam Robezzoli carved out a little time to answer some of my questions about this excellent event, which was planned in conjunction with Unwinnable.

This will be a super fun evening on its own, but can you talk about its purpose and why you’re doing it on Monday?
People from all over the world are in town for E3, so it’s a great opportunity to come together as a community and help raise funds for LA Game Space.


Why it will be awesome?
The music! We have a ton of great musicians performing and DJing including Daedelus, Doseone, Chrome Canyon, Grimecraft, and Arcane Kids. Daedelus and Doseone actually composed two of the best soundtracks to two of the best games released in the last year (Nidhogg and Samurai Gunn).

Add to that live video synthesis from Sam Newell and Evan Shamoon with more videos by Johnny Woods and Daniel Rehn. Plus, there will be official screenings of demoscene productions by The Future Crew between sets.

And everyone’s favorite underground restaurant gone legit, Starry Kitchen, will be slinging tofu balls and more house specialties all night.

What’s one aspect of the event that you are particularly excited about?
Many people at the event will be experiencing the demos by The Future Crew for the first time. These 10-minute A/V experiments were made in the computer underground of the early 1990s and still look incredible, which is even more amazing when you realize they are only the size of an iPhone photo!


More info at Future Crew E3! Edition’s Facebook event page or go straight to ticketing at Eventbrite. Seeya at The Well on Monday night! Support indie video gaming!