Forlorn Funnies

Forlon Funnymaker Paul Hornschemeier, and friend to GR, waged a one-man war against mainstream media giant America’s Funniest Home Videos, now known as America’s Funniest Videos (AVF) since no one makes “home” videos anymore. And he won.

I thought I had to move to Mongolia to watch funny home videos on Russian television channels (a lot of them get a little rapey, which is kind of gross) but no, AVF has stayed on the air all this time! The internet has killed the integrity of many things – zines, dating, genuine friendship, activism – but AVF has prevailed!!

It took AVF’s social media managers two days to think of a comeback to Paul’s  tweet marveling on their persistence.

Things quickly escalated and AVF got their feelings hurt. Come on, guys, they’ve had a Youtube channel for almost FOUR WHOLE YEARS now!

Eventually they blocked him.

It was a fun read. AVF is really sensitive about their work, and very proud of all those late 80s VHS tapes that they have been putting up online. Twitter Wars are my new favorite.

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