GR2: SuperAwesome Signing Photos

The Catalog for SuperAwesome came out great. Larger size, nice paper, good repro, and clean. Why not have a signing since many of the artists live in LA? Masakatsu Sashie was visiting from Japan, Luke Chueh, Kozy, Dan, Sean Chao, Andrew Hem, Rob Sato… Ako Castuera split out early. Yes, I signed a few.




IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1735 IMG_1740IMG_1743 IMG_1744 IMG_1749 IMG_1751IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1759 IMG_1760IMG_1766 IMG_1767 IMG_1769IMG_1772IMG_1774 IMG_1730IMG_1742IMG_1753

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