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Peter Chan - Simple Things Reception at GR2

In what has to be one of the larger showings of support at GR2, Peter Chan's inaugural solo exhibition, Simple Things shined brightly this past Saturday. His parents came from Taiwan and plenty of friends, artists, students, and co-workers came though and enjoyed the evening. I'd like to thank all of you as a Peter's friend and show host.  The works in Simple Things span the gallery and if you don't know him, see @pixelpchan on Instagram. The works are as incredible in person as you see online. His color choices and interpretations are unique and we're happy to host him. See more photos of the opening at

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Sean Chao Fridge Buddy Workshop Photos

An amazing day at GR2 took place on Sunday June 4 when Sean Chao's Make a Fridge Buddy Workshop took place. Two sessions of a packed room made small clay figures that hopefully are now on refrigerator doors! As an owner of a small shop and gallery, and as a member of the Neighborhood Council, this is the exact type of public engagement that I could hope for. (More photos in our flickr) The event was donation only that went to Sean's expenses and hopefully some of his time. It was great to see Sean interact tirelessly for the entire day. The event was scheduled 1-5 but we went all the way until close. This is what owning a gallery...

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Haunted Helpers Solo Exhibition by Theo Ellsworth

Haunted Helpers Solo Exhibition by Theo Ellsworth June 10 - July 5th GR2 - 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 Theo Ellsworth will be in attendance.  From Theo Ellsworth: "Making woodcut art is an incredibly satisfying process for me and it's a much needed outlet for my hyper-active imagination. I put a lot of care and detail into every piece and I never quite know what they're going to be until after I've cut out the wood and started drawing. I think of my woodcut characters as positive yet mischievous spirits. They can take the form of multi-dimensional beings, wild animal spirits, inner-space explorers, celebration beasts, living architecture, mutant children, or ghost guides. With every new piece, I'm seeking to...

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